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The PIM Difference

The PIM Process

We begin by taking ownership of your challenges and opportunities. We collect and organize the right data, and focus on asking the "right" questions in order to build a foundation that can best support your growth objectives. A 90 day on-boarding period gives us a chance to develop a sound understanding of your personal and business balance sheet while we carefully identify your critical objectives, goals and money blueprints. Once we know where we are going, we begin the process of implementing and reviewing month by month or quarter by quarter.

High Net Worth Investors

Are you an affluent or high net worth investor with a sophisticated mix of assets?  Are you looking for a flat fee solution that includes advisement on non-traditional investments?  If so, we can help.

At Prism Investment Management, we provide contextual advice geared towards entrepreneurs and investors with complex investment allocations. By working at the intersection of your business and personal financial life, we collaborate with you to think through financial problems and opportunities together.  We ask carefully crafted questions mined from years of experience in the financial services industry, designed to get to the heart of what influences your financial decision making while transfering need to know data from your jumbled records to a place of organization and clarity.  Our technology platform allows us to zoom in and zoom out on hundreds of planning reports; current and future assets and liabilities; and a multitude of plans in order to quickly determine an optimal financial course of action when many competitive ones exist.

The Advocate Fiduciary

By operating under a registered investment advisor, Prism Investment Management, Inc., our investment advisors are bound as fiduciaries in their engagements with clients.  Through this registered umbrella, we can represent you in making major purchases and investments, and provide implementation support towards strategic financial growth goals.  We take pride in educating our investors and enthusiastically provide  you with insights designed to help you become a better investor.  Where the old model often seeks to take advantage of your knowledge gap, we seek to narrow it, all the while helping you reduce common behavioral risks that often lead to poor investment results.  We support our unique clientele through our team’s vast knowledge base, powerful network connections, and cybernetic perspective.

A Different Approach to Fees

We believe that flattening fees allows us to remain unbiased and true to your capital's highest and best use mandate. In our experience, this simple but meaningful shift often better aligns our interest, and minimizes the conflict of interest that plagues the traditional financial services relationship. The result of a more objective conversation is often improved peace of mind when placing capital to work; which can lead to better results for investors.