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Prism Financial Concepts

Prism Financial Concepts

Investment Advisors / Financial Architects


Prism Financial Concepts is changing the way financial services are delivered to, and utilized by, entrepreneurs and investors.

We use real world understanding and experience to guide you in making sound business decisions.

Our mission is to empower savvy entrepreneurs and investors to make the best use of their capital through financial education, in partnership with their advisors. Investment advisors of the firm  do not accept commissions or incentive fees allowing us to provide unbiased and objective perspectives. Our flat fee billing solution is designed to fit a range of needs while maintaining alignment of fees and services provided.

Our Investment advisors and industry specific consultants have expertise in a wide array of investments, business and advanced planning strategies.  This affords our customers with complex financial pictures, more comprehensive planning services and access to a greater range of alternative investment solutions and capital investment ideas.   As a planning focused firm, we provide a suite of integrated technology solutions to help our clients improve the speed and accuracy of financial decision making, while keeping their entire financial picture in focus.

We work hard every day to improve financial literacy in our community and have aligned ourselves with charities and organizations who share this philosophy.  If you would like to learn more about how to join us in support of this mission, we invite you to get involved.

Prism Financial Concepts empowers savvy investors to make the best use of their capital through financial education and in  partnership with their advisors.