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Financial Advice for Business Owners

Are you good at executing the core tasks that produce income for your company, but feel stuck when it comes to stabilizing or scaling your company beyond what you have created today?  If so, you may benefit from our unique approach to contextual financial support. By working at the intersection of your business and personal life, Prism professionals solve a common and most often unaddressed small business problem:

  • a lack of cohesive and comprehensive advice for the company with proper consideration for the owners personal financial plans that can render business planning all but ineffective

Business making between $1mm and $10mm of annual revenue often have highly interconnected personal and business balance sheets and income statements, making it difficult to do business planning for this group without simultaneously doing personal financial planning for the owner operator.  Prism Financial Concepts professionals are not only licensed financial advisors, but include professionals with a diverse background of corporate and tax experience necessary to engage three core areas of business advancement:

  1. Financial forecasting & budgeting to better understand profitability and capacity constraints
  2. Strategic Planning & Execution to identify high priority strategic initiatives and optimal execution
  3. Corporate tax planning and guidance to improve owners understanding and use of their financial statements in conjunction with their other support professionals.

Engagements begin with personal financial planning for the owners.  This critical foundation work provides the basis for decision making at the corporate level and often guides the “why” of enterprise. We invite you to SCHEDULE A CALL WITH US to learn more about our business services.