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Business Consulting

At Prism Investment Management, we follow the Organize Chaos methodology: context, chaos, clarity. All new companies we work with start with a 1-5 day intensive workshop where we take a full inventory of ideas and inefficiencies in a business, allowing us to recommend appropriate solutions and to create an actionable one-year strategic plan. A company's profile and plan are the foundation for all additional services offered by us. 

What you can expect to gain from this interactive focused time together:

Context and Perspective

  • The Clearer you see your problem, the more complete your solution

Decision Support and Data Visualization

  • Whether its scuba diving or financial planning, we recommend you use the buddy system

Deep Financial, Tax and Legal Bench

  • Time is your scarcest commodity and leverage is your only multiplier

Network Connections

  • Let us do the research

Education and Understanding

  • Knowing is always better than hearing

Knowledge, Experience and Exposure

  • It doesn’t come easy, can’t be replaced, and is entirely necessary

A Fiduciary Approach

  • We sit on the same side of the table as you

Here are some specific topics on which we may consult:

Business Consulting

When to hire a business coach

SWOT analysis

Marketing Audit (TBP)*

Vision - Mission – Values

Leadership Training (TBP)

Corporate Cultural Development (TBP)

Operational Efficiency

Financial Management and Forward Budgets

Corporate Benefits


Health and Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

Long-Term-Care Insurance

Captive Insurance Planning


All Things Financial


*TBP denotes that we use a team based planning process whereby we work with your strategic partners or ours to facilitate the unified delivery of service that falls outside our core service offering.