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21 April


We have fielded a lot of calls and concerns in recent weeks on a variety of financial questions, ranging from “Is my retirement plan still on track?” to “How soon should we buy again in the Market?” and even “Are we better to dip into savings or use credit for unexpected expenses right now?”

While those questions require a specific personal decision for each situation, the big picture question we can help address is this:  “It’s not difficult to follow a financial plan or be motivated to save when things are good; but it seems so hard to manage & adjust quickly during the downturns. How do we keep from falling behind or negating our savings & investments?”

Our answer is that we believe financial planning and budgeting is now more important than ever. With every client our first step is to establish a financial baseline and future goals in order to develop a long-range plan, which includes a budget and financial philosophy; not just where to invest capital. As opportunities and difficulties arise, we are able to revisit those plans and help guide decisions to best allocate resources.

One of the tools at our disposal and highly valued in tracking budgets, is our Client Portal, which allows clients to easily determine which budget categories are staying on track and where they may be over-spending.

During our weekly webinar, Bill Luhrs will focus on a few key elements in this discussion, such as:

  • How to track your discretionary spend & what those opportunities may be.
  • Identify and differentiate fixed vs discretionary expenses
  • Include some samples/scenarios with “me accounts” & getting on the same page with your spouse to make spending decisions

If you have friends and family members who could benefit from this insight and how to establish forward-planning budgets, we encourage you to invite them as well.


Date and Time

Tue, Apr 21, 2020

4:00p - 4:30p MST



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