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Giving Back

At Prism, we have always helped our clients invest in their futures. Now, we’ve decided that isn’t enough: we want to invest in the future of our entire community. So, every quarter, we will roll out initiatives to help worthwhile organizations that are dedicated to building a stronger future.

And, because we believe in our clients, we want to work with you to make our community impact even larger. Our team at Prism will also be joining in with our own time, money, and resources to support these organizations. Stay tuned each quarter to learn how you can help Prism change the community.

Support My Club

Critical aspects of learning occur outside of the classroom and involvement in clubs and sports can prove to be crucial to student behavior, grades, social relationships and most importantly, graduation. Unfortunately, many Arizona students do not have the resources they need to be successfully equipped or to participate.
Support My Club (SMC) believes that ALL students should have the opportunity to pursue their interests and talents. SMC is a comprehensive free online platform that allows school clubs and teams to request their needs – items that directly assist students in achieving their goals in academics, activities, arts, and athletics. Community members then visit the site, select an item(s) that aligns with their interests and giving abilities. Upon checkout, donors receive a 100% tax-deductible donation receipt and the item(s) are delivered directly to the school.

Student requests are represented from the 4 A's: Academics, Athletics, Arts and Activities. We believe that anyone can be a philanthropist and SMC provides a way for citizens to engage in meaningful philanthropy at any giving level.

If you would like to help us provide much-needed resources to student clubs this year, you can contribute to one of the spotlight groups on our page, browse the SMC full site for a school in your area, or perhaps choose a club that resonates with your own interests.

Check out all of the details and opportunities here:

Support My Club - Prism Team