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Become a Better Investor

Do you feel that the financial services industry is not empowering you to be the best investor possible? 
Our team has developed  Clear Path Workshop: Become a Better Investor that we feel will resonate with entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors who value education.  Attending this workshop will provide you with the tools you need to take control. Learn how to invest in a way that supports your personal philosophy and goals.

Your Clear Path Workshop will help:
+ Clarify your path to financial success
+ Assist in goal creation
+ Identify risk – behaviors, tradeoffs, and outcomes
+ Define your personal investment philosophy
+ Assemble your team
+ Curate a market outlook – PIM’s market outlook
+ Apply your knowledge with private lending 

Request a Workshop:

To register for a workshop, visit our Events page to find the next available time. If you would like to request an individual workshop or for a private group, please submit your contact information below. We will be happy to arrange an event for you.

Requesting a Better Investor workshop?

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